Top Ten Mogul Ski Runs


  1. The face California the USA
  2. The face is a place that consists of heavily moguled surfaces. The clutch diamond underlies the California Lodge lifts that include the Gun barrel. The face is has a frightening steep slope that are preferred by mogul skiers. First timers will find it very hard in this place since it requires courage to ski on these slopes.

  3. The Prima Cornice
  4. The Prima Cornice boasts of one of the scariest terrains in the whole of United States with steep slopes of both sides of the mountains. The slopes are seriously moguled with tops covered by snow. If you are a serious mogul skier, this is the place to test your skills and might because it has an edge for those seeking a serious challenge in mogul skiing.

  5. Stockhorn-Triftji Switzerland
  6. Though it is not too long, it is very steep and narrow posing an uphill task for mogul skier. It is surrounded two long and tricky sidebars with a vast field consisting of moguls. The place opens in February, and it can be a perfect match for professional mogul skiers. However, do not ski too much to the right since there are underlying crevasses.

  7. Mont Fort
  8. It is found in Verbier Switzerland and consist of monster mogul that will instantly instil fear on a beginner in firs sight. I require more than strength, but the nerve to overcome the fear of the monstrous moguls. It is a perfect challenge to those who want to become champions in mogul skiing.

  9. Point de Vue
  10. Point de Vue is found in Argentiere France. The run can be hell especially due to the large bumps that form the moguls and the glaciers and crevasses found at the downside of the mountain. However, the views are spectacular especially on the left side of the mountain.

  11. Mary Jane Colorado
  12. Mary Jane, which forms part of the Winter Park, is solely dedicated to moguls that spread across the entire mountain. It recommended for the experts only. Beginners find it very difficult and frightening.

  13. Alta Utah
  14. Alta Utah is also found in the US. About forty percent of its terrain is dedicated to professional Mogul skiing with well-defined moguls spread across the entire slope. Many mogul skiing tournaments are usually held in this mountain.

  15. Canalone Miramonti
  16. Canalone Miramonti is found in Italy. The mountain contains moguls on its slopes with sharp bends and variations in the steepness that keeps the skiers on their toes. The mountain also has floodlights in it to enable skiing at night.

  17. Jerusalem
  18. Jerusalem is found in Meribel, France and it commands a long and undulating roller coaster run with perfectly structured moguls especially on the Saint Martin de Belleville. Downwards is a pretty village consisting of elegant valleys where the run finishes.

  19. Grizzly Gully
  20. It is found in Lake Louise Alberta, USA. It consists of a wide range of terrain such as the powder-filled bowls and chutes, which offer alternative routes that, are suited to your skills.

Is there promising future for mogul skiing?

There have been several milestones in mogul skiing, and I am confident to say that there is a promising future for mogul skiing. In the next ten years, you won’t be surprised to find that mogul players make it to the list of the filthy rich players in the whole. This game is steadily gaining a large audience with approximately 51 countries already signing up for international competition. There are over 1000 active mogul skiing teams in the whole of United States. Mogul skiing has a future, a promising one.