Tie-breaking Rules of the Game


Ties are common incidences in mogul skiing, and the judges have formulated effective and fair criteria of determining the winner. The tie-breaking incidences are usually solved by adding a third of the average scores made in the air and a third of the scores made in the speed category and then comparing the scores of each competitor.


Each game normally has its negative sides that might compel for rules to govern such incidences. Such incidences might include indiscipline and cheating in the game. In mogul skiing, the competitors will get a zero score in case they ski around the control gates that line the running course. The players can also get a disqualification if they engage in the un-sportsmanship behavior.

Mogul skiing equipment

Mogul ski wears are very important in mogul skiing. For instance, the kneepad should have a different color from the ski suits to help the judges in easily identifying the skier. It also aids in capturing the judge’s attention when to the skier’s expertise.
The boots must be the standard ski boots required by the mogul skiing gaming authorities. The boots must also be able to withstand the force of landing.

The helmet is also important in mogul skiing. The helmet should be compact enough to offer protection in case of a fall. The required helmet is of hard plastic that can prevent potential head injuries.

Important tips for mogul skiers

How to make a mogul run simpler

To make a mogul run simpler and score more points, you have to view the moguls in two different perspectives. Consider viewing them as two distinct colors. Staring at one mogul makes you build an image of the other hence making turning very simple and keeping you on the fall lines easily.

Analyzing a mogul

It is vital to analyze a mogul properly before deciding on the best way to tackle it and make a good run. When you encounter a mogul, you should majorly focus on the flat tops. You should focus on the less rough and steep places in a mogul while skiing to build your confidence and conserve energy to tackle the next mogul. The steeper and worst sides of a mogul should be avoided since they instill fear and anxiety and seriously affect your points negatively.

Choosing the skiing corridor

The factors you should consider when choosing the skiing corridor is the width of the corridor. Getting to the right width of the skiing corridor is an effective method to help you take control of you speed and get the maximum points awarded for speed.

Narrow corridors are highly preferred for skiing since they form a suitable surface for skiing. Taking narrow corridors means that you will take less time to ski through a given section. The outcome is that you will increase or maintain the speed through the course.
Wide corridors slow down your speed, and you should try as much as possible to avoid them. Using wide corridors means you will spend much of your time skiing out of the fall lines hence you will find yourself in a slower and longer route.