Making Game Turns

Skiing aspects

Turn is a vital aspect of the game since it accounts for 50 percent of the total scores. Normally five judges are involved in evaluating turns. They independently evaluate the turns you make using the following criteria;

Fall line. The player must try as much as possible to stay in the assigned fall line for them to reap more points. Skiing in the fall line is the shortest route to the finish line hence you should take advantage and stay as much as possible.

Carving can be an efficient way to control your speed while skiing. You should try as much as possible to initiate regularly, all the turns by carving throughout the run to score maximum points.

Extending and absorbing. Absorbing means the following the shape of the mogul from the start of the structure to the top. Extending means the following shape of the mogul from the top downwards. However, ensure you maintain the same pressure on skis and the snow during absorbing and extending.

Upper body. Your face should remain still and always face downwards; the shoulders should also be stiff and as parallel as possible to the fall lines. The chest must be straight, and the hands stay in front of the body in a natural position.


Air is independently evaluated by a team of two judges out of the seven. The criteria used in air evaluation involve the player’s airs based on the form and extent of difficulties experienced. The maximum points are averaged between the two judges and the score per the two jumps is weighted on a 7.5 point scale. The maximum points a competitor can get after averaging is 7.5.


Speed constitutes the remainder of the competitor’s score. The player gets timed from the point they leave the starting gate up to the tie they finish. The time is simultaneously compared to the pace time to dictate the average points.

Calculating the pace time is done by determining the averages of the velocity and the length of the running course. For example, in winter Olympics, the average time set for a 225 meters running course is 225 meters for men and 23.68 seconds for women.

The maximum points dedicated to pace time are 5.625, which forms a larger percentage of the maximum possible points of 7.5. The competitors speed normally increases in proportionality with time. Therefore, each 205 increase in speed is awarded 0.2 points that will account for the remaining percentage of the maximum possible score of 7.5 points.