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Best mogul routes to take

Blue line. Blue line is a route that allows you to make a turn on the flat tops of moguls and simultaneously to ski along the ridge lines that are adjacent to the place where you first made the turn before drifting downwards to the next mogul.

Zipper line. It is whereby you ski directly facing the frontline in a straight line. This technique requires superb reflexes and aggressive contraction movements to succeed.

Trough line. In trough line, you ski downwards by gradually following the troughs between two moguls. You follow the troughs in each mogul while making quick turns that connect one trough to another.

Green line. Green line involves the initiating and completing turns in the same mogul flat top and then drifting to the secondary fall lines that guide you to the next mogul you have preselected to make the next turn.

All-time Mogul skiers

best mogul skiiers

Edgar Grospiron

Edgar Grospiron is hailed as the first man to win a Gold medal in mogul skiing. Grospiron produced a spectacular performance in the 1992 winter Olympics games held in France to clinch the title within 25.81 minutes. Edgar Grospiron, who hails from France, has excelled in many mogul skiing events and continued his record performance when he won bronze in the 1994 winter Olympic Games. In 2012, he led his French team in Winter Olympic Games and had been involved in Annecy bid for the 2018 Winter Olympics games.

Donna Weinbretch

Donna Weinbretch
was the first woman to win a gold medal in the 1992 winter Olympic Games an event that saw her name getting into the records and probably this list of the world’s all-time Mogul skiers.

When asked about her achievement in the 1992 Winter Olympic Games, she said that her desire was to win more and more medals and that she will curse the day her name will miss in the Olympic winter boards. True to her call, she maintained a perfect winning streak and bagged in five world cup gold medals making a legendary in mogul skiing.

However, she has been missing in the international limelight for quite a while but she is still shredding bumps in her home country for public appearances and motivational speaking engagements.

Alexandre Bilodeau

Alexandre Bilodeau is also among the top mogul skiers. He made a mark in the mogul history to become the first competitor to defend his title in the 2014 winter Olympic Games. He won the medal in 2010 and also in 2014. The achievement earned him a place among the world’s all-time mogul skiers. His records continued to be perfect even in his home country where he became the first Canadian to win a gold medal in a winter Olympic game held in Canada. He has also won the FIS World Champion in mogul three times. Though he retired from mogul in 2008, his legacy will still be felt among Mogul skiing lovers.

Jonny Moseley

American Mogul Skiers are the most dominant figures in mogul skiing competitions thanks to the likes of Jonny Moseley. In 1998, he participated in World Winter Olympic Games and won a gold medal the tournament. He also won gold medals two times in other world events making him among the best mogul skiers in the world history. In 1988, season, he became the winner after having nine consecutive wins. He also won the US National title.

He is also widely remembered for championing for a change in the International Skiing laws to allow competitors participate in the international events a bid that was successful. His exemplary display of sportsmanship has made him rake in honors and recognition domestically and internationally.

Janne Lahtel

By the age of 15, he had become one of the most dominant mogul skiers domestically and internationally. Lahtel was born in Finland and started skiing at age ten where he could go skiing with his family. At fifteen he had already become well established in mogul skiing. In 2002, he came into the world limelight when he won a gold medal in Winter Olympic Games that are a huge tournament in the world’s history. He has also won mogul skiing world cup five times in the tournaments. He is famously known for the heel push technique, which played an important role in helping him make swift curves and stay on the flat lines.