Travel Companion Escorts: A Safe & Viable Alternative To Travel!

For senior citizens or people with disabilities, traveling can become an extremely limited and intimidating endeavor. This is especially true for those who are bound to a wheelchair and cannot even carry their own luggage, let alone navigate the airport or other traveling accommodations. Thankfully there are many wonderfully reliable traveling companion escorts who can not only guide a party through the system but also provide assurance and friendship along the way. Traveling companions take the limits off of constraining circumstances that keep a person from traveling and visiting loved ones or attending family celebrations. Travel companions act as a personal assistant and they are a great comfort to many families and provide peace of mind and convenience to those in need of their assistance. Statistics for 2017 show that these kinds of services are becoming very popular choices for families and they are not just being used by the elderly or people with limited mobility and conditions. Those who are looking for friendship and support are also taking advantage of the great services they offer. Parents are also using travel companions to assist their children on travels when work or other circumstances interfere with them being able to take them themselves.

The more reputable traveling escorts offer a compassionate, personable and reputable degree of care just as a family member would. In this way, the person they are traveling with and assisting does not feel like a burden and can have a fun and rewarding experience along the way. Below is an outline of services that travel companion companies provide for their clients.

Booking or Travel Arrangement Assistance

Whether it is buying tickets, booking accommodations, mapping out a journey, navigating airports, booking a car rental, carrying luggage, checking in a house rental or finding things to do along the way, travel escorts take on these daunting tasks for their clients. They really take the work out of travel which facilitates a more stress free and enjoyable journey.

Personal Care Assistance

Some escorts will even offer licensed traveling nurses to those who are in poor health and have on-going medical need assistance such as glucose monitoring for Diabetics. Traveling nurses offer all of the same services as a home health nurse. The companies that provide personal care will tend to the clients physical needs such as feeding, bathing, keeping up with and administering medications.

Provide Friendship on Travels

Many senior citizens after losing a loved one enjoy just getting out of the house and traveling but don’t want to do it alone. A growing number of these people are hiring personal travel companions to go with them on cruises, vacations and other special occasions just as friends.

Errands Assistance While Traveling

Not only will the companion drive the client around to wherever they need; they will do all of the errands that arise during the travels. This could include getting gas, stopping for lunch, picking up medications or supplies from pharmacies, light cleaning, packing, laundry and wheelchair assistance.

Child Care Assistance

Have a child who needs safely escorting to a sports event, concert, school outing, camp, taking to a relatives for the summer or a fun day adventure to a zoo? Travel companions make the perfect choice when a relative or parent can’t be there. They are also great for acting as third parties between parent drop-offs during strained and difficult divorces or family grievances.

These are just a few of the many wonderful ways travel escorts can make a person’s life so much easier during uneasy circumstances. In this modern world gone are the days of letting life’s difficulties keep anyone from enjoying their life and keeping them immobile. It’s time to seize the day and travel the magnificent globe regardless of circumstances with a personable and experienced travel companion today. Find an independent escort LA agency to match a perfect person for your needs.

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